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"Pic Shows a 2 year old chip on Lefferts Blvd. circa 1948, probably on a Sunday Morning...On my left was Mildred Rogers Ballet Studio, followed by Eddie's Dellie, Mr B's 5&10 Store, Charlie's Chinese Laundry, Chuck's TV Repair, & The Corner IGA Grocery Mart. Across the street on your left was the corner Rexall Pharmacy, followed by Manny's Shoe Repair and then the old Austin Movie Theater..At the top of the LIRR overpass was The Old Hoffbrau. To your right side of the street on the corner was always a Women's Boutique, followed by Frank's Barber Shop & the newspaper stand/store. Infamously to the right of that far right corner on Austin St. was the neighborhood Bar..".The Old Bailey"....It was two doors down that a notorious crime made nation wide Headlines w/ the slaying of Kitty Genovese. I remember as a youngster neighbors recalling hearing her screams in the wee hours of the morning!"  [Photograph and caption courtesy of Frank (Chip) Krumenaker.]