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Austin Street morth and south of Union Turnpike c. 1925 in Kew Gardens, NY.

These printed pictures are taken from a 1925 brochure published by the Kew Gardens Civic Association. The picture to the left shows Austin Street looking towards Lefferts Boulevard from 80th Road. The first cross street is 81st Avenue.

The second picture shows Austin Street looking into today's Forest Hills. Union Turnpike is the cross street in the foreground. Although today considered part of Forest Hills, the area on that side of Union Turnpike between Austin Street and Queens Boulevard was developed by the Kew Gardens Corporation and, before the Interboro came through, was considered part of Kew Gardens. The distant house on the right is still there today, but in shortened form. Part of it had to be cut off when this section of Austin Street was widened to allow access both to Union Turnpike and the Austin Street tunnel.