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P.S. 99 Grades 2-1 and 3-3 (combined) (1956).
GRADES:2-1 and 3-3 (combined)
TEACHER:Mrs. M.C. Lengl
FROM:Bill Lowenberger of McCandless, Pa.

Standing in rear,  from the left: Larry Sloman, unknown, Lawrence Berkwitt, Barry Wiesner.

First row on far left, front to rear:  unknown, Martha Revitt, unknown, Ralph Teutsch.

Second row, front to rear: Maxine (?), unknown, unknown, Nick (?). Chester (?).

Third row, front to rear:  Iris Sandler, Bradley Beam, Ellen Gress, Harry G. (?), Roger Briton, unknown.

Fourth row, front to rear: Paul Gusmarino, Bill Lowenberger, Marvin Moss.