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P.S. 99 Grade 5-1 (1956).
DATE:Spring, 1956
FROM:Elly Feist Parran

Standing from left (front to back):
Daniel Rabinowitz, Michael R (?), Mark Heitman, Eugene Gold, William Lehman, Ted Eppenstein, Marc Salenger, Robert Straub, Geoffry (?), Jeffery Koch, James Lane, Fred (?), Peter Kopel (?) and Michael Trapido.

Sitting on left (front to back):
Lesley (?), Olga Morosof, Cathy (?), Susan Graff, Monica Matzner, Anne Rolle, Carol Marcus, and Barbara Grand.

1st row (l - r):
Cynthia Lief, Carol Cooper, Elaine Rosenberger and Susan Schenkel

2nd row (l - r):
Erica Lief, Jane Meyerhoff, Audrey Rich and Elly Feist Parran