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P.S. 99 Grade 3-1 (1962).

Mrs Reich was the daughter of another PS 99 teacher, Mr. Ellenport. They taught at the same school at the same time. She used novel teaching methods (for the time) such as making chocolate pudding in the class to teach the use of measures. Some memories: Paul Rosenberg playing a perfect shortstop day in and day out in the schoolyard, perfection necessary because you can't make any diving stops on a concrete playing field. Ollie, singing "Take me out to the ballgame", with a great voice and stage presence. One memory above all others: Kenny Shuer holding a transistor radio to his ear during class one day , Mrs. Reich asking "what are you doing with a radio in school?" Kenny replied excitedly "Glenn's going up today!" and she let him continue listening. I thought fondly back to that the day Glenn "went up" again in 1998.

[Ira Abrams - 10/15/04]
FROM:P.S. 99

Standing Back Row, Left to Right: Ira Abrams, Gary Baldon, Joseph Silkes, Teacher: Mrs Reich

Standing Left to Right: Paul Rosenberg, Eugene DeMartino, Marilyn Pryce, Victoria Appoldt, Diane Stokes, Deborah Johnson, Michael Schreiber, Kevin Klauber, Jeffrey Shaw

Left to Right (Each row is front to back)
!st Row:Ollie Hardy, Kenneth Shrewer, Larry Wald
2nd Row: Susan Simon, Ronnie Sokol, Jacqueline Stoff
3rd Row: Fern Finkelstein. Lynda Deane, Mary Facciola, Robin Saltzman
4th Row: Vivian Anschel, Renee Brockman, Judy Grossman, Elizabeth Naar
5th Row: Linda Duval

[ Thanks to Ina Ellenport Reich for the student ID's ]