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[Excerpted from the Forest Hills - Kew Gardens Post, July 17, 1942.]


Betty Bredin then Presents Poster to Mrs. Henry Morgenthau

Betty Bredin of Kew Gardens served as the model for the new War Bond poster featuring Girl scouts as "today's Minute Maids," which she herself presented, on behalf of the Girl Scouts, to Mrs. Henry Morgenthau, Jr., in Washington on Wednesday of last week.

The poster was painted by Bradshaw Crandell, and was accepted by Mrs. Morgenthau for the Treasury Department as part of the campaign for selling war bonds and stamps. It will be distributed throughout the nation.

Betty is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bredin, 83-44 Lefferts boulevard. Sge attends P.S. 99, and is a member of Girl Scout Troop 4-123. A former Brownie, she has been a scout since she was seven. She is shown in the war poster in her uniform, pasting a War Savings Stamp in an official stamp book.