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Picture dated 2002
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"... Another prospective resident of Kew Gardens is Samuel H. Hadley of the Mutual Film Company, for whom an artistic house of the bungalow type with slate roof is being erected at Mowbray Place."

"New Residents at Kew", The Richmond Hill Record [a local newspaper], Sept. 8, 1916.
The Chaplin House?

Not quite.  Local newspapers tell us that this was the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hopkins-Hadley.  According to one 1966 article, "Hop" Hadley was Charlie Chaplin's Manager.  A 1916 item [see sidebar] reports that he was employed by the Mutual Film Company for which Chaplin made 12 films from 1916 to 1917.  Had Chaplin himself lived here, that fact could hardly have escaped the attention of the local press which kept careful track of the comings and goings of Kew Gardens society.  Yet not a mention of Chaplin's presence here appears in the local newspaper [The Richmond Hill Record] from 1916 through 1928.


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