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P.S. 99 Grade 1-1 (1961).
FROM:P.S. 99

"I am standing on the far left in class1-1. In the front center table is Rana Ebrahimoff (now Rana Slosberg) and next to her is Judy Picker (on Rana's left). I believe Audrey Newman is directly in back of Rana, although am not 100% sure." ~ Joe Wachspress (Joey at that age) [12/31/04]

"Jackie Stern is 2 rows behind Judy Picker. Kitty is right behind her. Seated in plaid skirt is Helene. Standing in the plaid jumper is Vicki. Audrey Newman is behind me." ~ Rana Ebrahimoff Slosberg [01/10/05]

"[I]n the second to last row from the viewer's left are Rosalind, Vicki and me." ~ Phyllis H. Abend [01/22/09]

Please email me if you can identify any of the other people in this photograph.