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P.S. 99 Grade 6-1 (1961).

Thanks to Elsie Hoel for some student identifications.
TEACHER:Mr. Ellenport
FROM:P.S. 99

The student on the far right in the back row is Stan Ulasinski who Kew Gardens residents know as Stan at Pac Video on Lefferts Boulevard and Beverly Road.

The second boy on Mr. Ellenport's (lower) right is David Green.

The third boy on Mr. Ellenport's lower left is Fred Rappaport.

The fourth boy on Ellenport's lower left is Ronald Kloot.

The boy fifth to the (lower) right of Mr. Ellenport is Bernie Goitein

Left row of desks, 3rd desk from front: Black girl on left is Peggy Williams

Single desks on right, front desk: Susan Fels ?[Compare with 1958 Class 3-204 Front row on right, who is Susan.]

Please email me if you can identify any of the people in this photograph.