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P.S. 99 Grade 6-3 (1963).
SCHOOL: P.S. 99   DATE: 1963   GRADE: 6-3   TEACHER:   Mr. Ellenport FROM: Ina Ellenport Reich

"Hi Joe:
For Ina Ellenport -
photo #4 below (from left to right)
6th boy 1st row standing is Kevin Leamen (he passed away in 2007)"
[Email - Name Withheld]

Email me if you can identify any of the students.

Left Row of desks, first desk: girl on right is Barbara Linton There are other familiar faces but I cannot attach a name to them. AlthoughI think I saw the girl at the far right desk, front row (single desk) in an earlier photo;

Leslie Kagan.?????????she seems to be in Class 4-2 of 1961 -- also on far right. There was a Linda Kagan in MY class and this girl looked a lot like her, so I noticed the similarity of features right away.

Elsie Hoel